Do I have to get residence permit in order to buy real estate in Turkey?

No, you do not need a residence permit to buy a real estate.

Are there any restrictions for foreigners about buying real estate in Turkey?

There are restrictions only in military and rural areas. There are no restrictions or legal barriers in projects within our portfolio.

Do I own the right of property of the real estate bought in Turkey?

Yes, you will have the right of property of the real estates we sell.

Can foreign companies buy real estates in Turkey?

Yes, but this is a long and complicated process requiring cabinet decision. In order to buy or sell just like a Turkish citizen or Turkish company, foreign companies must establish a Turkish company. NZS Real Estate may assist you establishing a Turkish company.

Can my company establish an investment company in Turkey?

Yes, if you want to make professional investment in Turkey; NZS may assist you establishing a Turkish company.

Who determines real estate prices?

If you buy a real estate from a project, the price is determined by the contractor. Prices of other real estates are determined by the owners. Whether or not a real estate agency takes part in purchasing process, you will pay the same price for the real estate. It is recommended to buyers to work with an authorized and registered real estate agency in order to safeguard buyers’ requests, risks and interests.

Can everyone sell real estate in Turkey?

NO! Only registered and certified real estate companies can give real estate consultancy services according to Turkish judicial system.

What is real estate broker’s fee?

When a registered and certified real estate agency sells a real estate, gains right to take %3 service fee from both sides respectively over the sale price determined by the seller.

Why do I need a real estate agency?

There are several benefits working with a legal real estate agency such as NZS Real Estate. First of all, you will be able to see multiple contractor companies matching with your criteria within our portfolio. Secondly, you will be assisted by our internationally experienced staff whenever you need to.

Who can buy real estate in Turkey?

All people from all nations excluding North Korea, Armenia, Nigeria, Cuba, Yemen and Syria. You may get further information from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Can foreign people borrow real estate loan from banks in Turkey?

Yes. You must document your income either from the country you live or some place else. NZS Real Estate will assist you to find best financial solutions. There are many banks in Turkey that you can borrow loans.

What is the average deposit for a new project? Is instalment possible?

Under normal circumstances, 2000 – 3000 € is paid as reservation fee at contract stage. Approximately 30% of sale price will be paid within 4 weeks following the contract. Many contractors determine a payment plan in accordance with completion of the project but the payment plan is open for negotiation and flexible considering your personal conditions. These options will be negotiated during purchasing. Usually buyers negotiate payment conditions with seller/contractor.

What is the general purchasing process in Turkey?

Following the payment of reservation fee, NZS Real Estate will carry out certificate of ownership controls. A contract will be prepared between buyer and seller including details about completion of project, delivery date, payment plan and other requirements-conditions. Advance payment will be made when the contract is signed.

Then relevant applications will be made in order to buy real estate in Turkey. This application is generally made by NZS Real Estate of the contractor company. You may consider giving a power of attorney in order to ease the follow up of the documentation and buying process. When all security clearances completed, you or notarized attorney and the seller will sign mutually at Directorate of Land Registry for the registration to be made with your name.

Which documents are required?

Copy of your passport translated into Turkish, 4 passport-sized photo, Turkish tax id number for buying real estate with your name. NZS Real Estate will assist you obtaining a tax id number.

Are there any attorneys speaking English in Turkey?

Yes. NZS Real Estate will inform you about it during your introduction tour.

What is the cost of buying a real estate in Turkey?

It is approximately 4% of total price of the real estate.

What is monthly maintenance cost?

This depends from project to project, size of the project, social facilities and other services offered but in most cases monthly maintenance cost of a 2-room flat is €50. NZS Real Estate will inform you before you buy.

Is there a tax paid continuously?

Yes, these are estate tax and sanitation tax but these taxes are low and in most cases all cost less than € 100 annually.

Can I insure my real estate?

For sure. NZS Real Estate will assist you for most convenient insurance conditions.

Can I rent my real estate?

Yes. Between April and October is high season but you may also rent your real estate with lower prices during winter.

What about furniture buying?

BSome contractors offer various furniture packages to clients. Besides, NZS Real Estate will assist you buying your furniture without extra costs.

How is the cost of living compared to Western Europe?

Fast moving consumer goods are 50% cheaper than most Western Europe countries. However some luxury goods might be more expensive than your country.

What is the government system in Turkey?

Turkey is a republic governed by parliamentary democracy which is also a member of NATO and at pre-accession period to EU. Turkey is also a member of European Customs Union.

Are there any companies serving for real estate management?

Yes, where some contractors give this service by themselves, some make professional companies run this management service.

How can I protect myself from currency fluctuations?

Almost all real estate sales are based on USD or Euro in order to protect both parties. However, if you prefer buying your real estate with a convertible currency (GBP, CHF, DKK, SEK, NOK etc.); NZS Real Estate will assist you with currency pegging on the date the sale contract is signed.

What other services NZS Real Estate offer?

To see all services provided by NZS >>> (Soon)

About real estate introduction tour?

We organize real estate introduction tours including return flight tickets, airport-hotel transfers and accommodation by Trompet Tourism Company covered by our NZS Real Estate Group Companies.